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About the time of setting up the Ashby commission by the federal Government to deal with the educational problems in Nigeria, the then Western Region attempted to improve on the quality of teachers particularly in the secondary schools and teacher training colleges in the region. In the vein, the government established in quick succession two post Grade Two Certificate Teachers' Colleges. The first step was taken in 1958 when an institution offering two-year course was established at the Moor Plantation, Ibadan under the auspices of the Ohio State University and the International Cooperation Administration project. Two years later another higher college, the Ransome Kuti College of Education was established in the then western region.

The College was to offer a three-year course leading to the award of the Nigeria Certificate in Education. In 1963, the Ohio State University International Cooperation Administration experiment at the moor Plantation, Ibadan was up-graded and the institution was named the Olunloyo College of education. The Ashby commission was set in April 1959 by the Federal Government to make recommendations on the way and means of tackling the educational problems in Nigeria. The Commission submitted its report in 1960. Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo was established in 1963 to give expression to the recommendation of the Commission.

The college was to produce qualified manpower to teach academic subjects at the lower forms of the Nigerian Secondary School system. The institution was named after the Reverend Canon M.C. Adeyemi (1882-1942) in recognition of his noble contributions to the educational development in the then Ondo Province. The College started operating on 22nd May, 1964 with its first intake of 93 students- 24 women and 69 men. The project was financed by the Government of the then Western Region, the UNESCO and also through bilateral aids received from the foreign organizations. At the beginning of 1966 the government of the Western Region decided to merge the Ransome Kuti College of Education with the Olunloyo College of Education.

Again at the end of 1967 the Olunloyo College of Education was nominally integrated with Adeyemi College of Education Ondo. In January 1968, the integration of both Colleges at Ondo was completed. Adeyemi College thus became an amalgam of the three Colleges of Education earlier owned by the then Western Region. Adeyemi College has had a rather chequered history of supervision which has had its advantages and disadvantages. Between 1964 and 1972, the College was nothing more than a unit of the Western Region/ State Ministry of Education. The Ministry was, for instance, responsible for the recruitment of academic, non-academic and administrative members of staff for the College. I