Home Administration


The Provost is the chief executive and accounting officer of the college responsible for the overall management of the college. He is only responsible to the Federal Ministry of Education, Governing Council (if any) and National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). The office of the Provost consists of three (3) units, namely:

  • (i) Protocol and Public Relations Unit
  • (ii) Internal Audit Unit
  • (iii) Security Unit.



The deputy Provost is responsible to the Provost. He assists the Provost in the performance of his/her functions and acts for the Provost during his/her absence from the college.



The Registrar is responsible to the Provost in the day-to-day administration of the college. He co-ordinates the activities of three main divisions, namely:

  • (i) Academic
  • (ii) Establishment
  • (iii) Students Affairs



The bursar is responsible to the Provost. He manages account and co-ordinates accounting activities, prepares financial statements and administers funds allotted under the approved estimates. He also co-ordinates accounts receivable and payable in the college. Bursar co-ordinates the activities of the following sections:

  • (i) Funds Management and Budget
  • (ii) Purchases and Supplies
  • (iii) Final account.



The college Librarian is responsible to the Provost in the area of managing the college library- the books/materials and staff of the library.



The Director of works is responsible to the Provost in the area of Estate Development, such as project initiation, planning and supervision of the construction of projects like building, roads construction, water supply, drainage, electricity and maintenance work like repairs/renovation of college buildings or facilities and general cleanliness of the college environment.



The deans of schools are responsible to the Provost through the Deputy Provost in the running of their various schools and in matters of academic programme of the college.